Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How do I stop bad breath?

About 30% of the population have chronic bad breath and 70% of the population notice it on other people. 

Contrary to popular belief the majority of bad breath begins in the mouth and not the stomach. About 80% of bad breath is caused by the gases given off by bad bacteria that are involved in gum disease. Most bad breath is the result of ineffective cleaning, gum disease( gingivitis and periodontitis), defective fillings, defective crowns and poorly cleaned dentures. 

Other causes include certain foods, drinks, smoking and dehydration. 

Hygienists can help prevent bad breath and gum disease by thoroughly cleaning your teeth removing plaque tartar and stains and creating an environment which favours good bacteria rather than the harmful bad bacteria. They teach you good oral hygiene techniques to help maintain this healthy environment.

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