Friday, 12 September 2014

Would you like to have whiter or brighter teeth? Gentle home whitening
is now available.

Is it legal? Tooth whitening is legal if carried out under the
supervision of Dentists and Hygienists. This ensures it is carried out
with the correct products. Custom made trays are made to fit your mouth.
These are used to apply whitening gel at home to gently white teeth over
a period of at least 10 days.

Does it hurt? Sometimes whitening can cause sensivity. This only lasts
during the treatment and once stopped your teeth go back to their pre
whitening sensitivity levels. This seldom happens and can be reduced by
chewing sugar free gum after wearing the trays.

Will it damage my teeth? Current evidence suggests that tooth whitening,
when carried out with the correct products, is a safe and predictable

How long will my teeth stay white for? Experience shows teeth usually
maintain colour for 1-2 years. After this wearing your whitening trays
with gel for a further 7days can be used to restore whiteness. Smoking ,
drinking tea, coffee and red white tend to darken teeth sooner.

Bovey Dental Practice uses products which release less than 6% Hydrogen
peroxide, the legal limit permitted by EU law.
Can I have tooth coloured fillings?

Yes at Bovey Dental Practice all direct fillings are done with tooth coloured composites.

Do composites discolour? We use very good materials with very low
shrinkage this means that they look good for much longer and do not pick
up as much stain as in the past. We currently use Voco Amaris highly
aesthetic composite for anterior fillings which achieves natural
aesthetics with chameleon effect for invisible restorations.

Do they last? As long as they are placed carefully using bonding agents.
We currently use Voco GrandioSO toothlike composite for reliable
posterior fillings. In comparison to other restorative materials it has
low abrasion, low creep and high shape stability. These properties are
fundamental requirements for long term intact biting surfaces and
restoration margins.